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Low Carb Alcohol - Carb Counts of Beers and Wines


Low Carb Alcohol - Beer, Wine and Mixed Drinks

Is it okay to drink alcohol on a low carb diet? You will get some mixed answers on this question depending on who you ask. Atkins says No, Eades says Yes... My personal experience is that it's okay in moderation and only if you take care to drink small amounts of Low Carb Beers or very Dry Wines. Mixed Drinks are okay with sugar-free mixers like the Baja Bob's Margarita Mixes below.



These sugar free, low carb drink mixes are great for use in alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. Sweetened with Splenda. Most of the drink mixes have zero calories and zero sugar. The average sugar-loaded margarita mix can run over 250 calories per serving! Available in 1 liter bottles as well as packets (each packet makes a half-gallon of delicious margarita mix) and single serving size.


Original Margarita Mix: This luscious lime-flavored Margarita Mix is the unbelievable beverage that started it all.

Crazy Caribe Pina Colada Mix: Made with real coconut cream, pineapple juice, and natural flavors. Only 4g of carbs per 4 oz. serving and that's because of the pineapple juice.

Triple Citrus Margarita Mix: Made with lots of Mexican Key Limes for an extreme citrus flavor.


Atkins Diet Products

Havana Cabana Mojito Mix: Just add your favorite rum and club soda to enjoy this minty, sparkling lime-flavored cocktail.

Sweet-n-Sour Drink Mix: An ideal drink mix for Whiskey Sours, Tom Collins, and for a refreshingly different tasting Margarita.

Mai Tai Mix: Ever wonder what Hawaii tastes like? Bob's Mai Tai mix is truly Maui-licious!...And by that we mean bursting with sweet pineapple-y goodness.

Martini Mix: Enjoy a fruity twist to your martinis.

Tropical Trouble Hurricane Mix: Has a distinctive cherry / passion fruit taste.

Mudslide Mix: Contains real cocoa and coffee powder.

The other big question is 'Which Beer or Wine has the lowest carbs?" As a simple rule of thumb, hard liquor has trace carbs, less than 1 gram per ounce. Dry red or white wine usually has 1 or 2 carbs per ounce. Sweeter wines have more. Light Beers can have anywhere from 2 to 8 carbs per can. Below are some comparison charts of the lower carb beers and wines currently on the market.

Beer Carb Comparison Chart

(12 oz serving)
Carbs Beer
(12 oz serving)
Carolina Light 2.0 Coors Keystone Light 5.0
Accel 2.4 Bud Ice Light  5.0
Labatt Sterling 2.5 Amstel Light 5.0
Rhinebecker Extra 2.5 Coors Keystone Premium 5.6
Latrobe Rock Green Light 2.6 Leinenkugel Light 5.7
Michelob Ultra 2.6 Foster's Fiji Gold 6.0
Coors Aspen Edge 2.6 Beck's Light 6.0
I.C. Light 2.9 Miller's Southpaw Light 6.5
Pittsburgh's Iron City Light 3.0 Edison Light 6.5
Foster's Carlton LJ 3.0 Bud Light 6.6
Budweiser Select 3.1 Yuengling Light 6.6
Miller Lite 3.2 Busch Light 6.7
Busch Natural Light 3.2 Pabst Stroh Light 7.0
San Mig 3.2 Cooper's Dry 7.0
Milwaukee's Best Light 3.5 Pabst Stroh's Light 7.0
Lion-Nathan XXXX DL Lager 3.5 Miller Genuine Draft Light 7.0
Coastal Light 3.9 Michelob Golden Draft Light 7.0
August Schell Light Beer 4.0 Miller's High Life Light  7.0
Cooper's Lite 4.5 Miller's Hamm's Special Light 7.3
Coors Light 5.0 Milwaukee's Best Ice 7.3
Coors Dry 5.0 Straub Light 7.5
Miller's Meister Brau Light 5.0 Bud Dry 8.0
Corona Light 5.0 Labatt Blue Light 8.0
More Beer Nutritional Info

Wine Carb Comparison Chart

(4 oz serving)
Carbs Wine
(4 oz serving)
Sheffield Cellars Red 2.5 Ernest & Julio Gallo White Merlot 3.5
Sheffield Cellars Rose 2.5 Livingston Cellers Burgundy 3.5
Sutter Home Sauvignon Blanc 2.5 Livingston Cellers Merlot 3.5
Sutter Home Pinot Noir 2.5 Livingston Cellers Chablis Blanc 4.0
Sutter Home Zinfandel 3.0 Peter Vella Burgandy 4.0
Sutter Home Cabernet Sauvignon 3.0 Peter Vella Merlot 4.0
Sutter Home Shiraz 3.0 Carlo Rossi Cabernet Sauvignon 4.0
Ernest & Julio Gallo Cabernet Sauvignon 3.0 Carlo Rossi Chablis 4.0
Ernest & Julio Gallo Merlot 3.0 Ernest and Julio Gallo Shiraz 4.0
Ernest & Julio Gallo White Zinfandel 3.0 Peter Vella Cabernet Sauvignon 4.5
Sutter Home Chardonnay 3.0 Peter Vella Chardonnay 5.0
Sutter Home Merlot 3.0 Peter Vella Chablis 5.0
Ernest & Julio Gallo Chardonnay 3.5 Ernest & Julio Gallo Cafe Zinfandel 5.0
Ernest & Julio Gallo Sauvignon Blanc 3.5

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