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Listed below, in order, are my personal picks for best Low Carb online stores or companies. These stores and companies offer great selections, prices or unique services/products that will help support you in your low carb lifestyle. I've tried to describe each in detail to help you find what you are looking for more quickly. If you see something that's wrong please let me know. I've broken the descriptions down into the following categories to help speed up your search. Scroll down a bit to see this months featured product/store.

Featured Low Carb Product/Store this month is: 

LowCarb4Life Online Grocery

In Partnership with we have added a new online store to this site. The LowCarb4Life Online Store features selected Low Carb Food Products, Low Carb Cookbooks, Low Carb Diet Books and Related Kitchen Accessories for Low Carb Food Preparation.

This store comes with online shopping cart, secure credit card server, easy menu based navigation and the reputation and security of Amazon's extensive business history.

We will still offer unique specialty items from Netrition and Vitacost as we have before because Amazon just doesn't carry the great low carb food products that these other two stores have a history of providing us. So please take a minute to check it all out. Let us know if you have any recommendations for products we can add.

If you can't find the store your are looking for or don't know which one carries what you want, use this handy web search box below to search either the whole internet or just this site.


Vitacost Low Carb Diet Products A fantastic selection of low carb products from various manufacturers.  Great prices and specials available!  Save up to 50% on name brand low carb products from Atkins Advantage Bars and Shakes to Snacks and Supplements.  Regardless of what you order, they charge only $4.95 for shipping and handling!

Walker Low Carb Diet Store A new low carb diet alternative created by Dr. John J. Walker, a specialist in Gastroenterology at High Point Regional Health System in North Carolina. After a lifetime of difficulty in controlling his weight, Dr. Walker embarked on research to come up with his own plan. The result? A new line of great tasting, nutritional, low carb products at discount prices. Check out these great Walker Diet stores below:


Netrition has an extensive inventory of low carb products at competitive prices. They carry complete product lines from: Atkins, BioChem, Carbolite, CarbSense, Cheeters, EAS, Expert Foods, GeniSoy, Gram's Gourmet, Heavenly Desserts, Just the Cheese, Keto, Ketogenics, La Tortilla, Low Carb Creations, Low Carb Success, LowCarbolicious, Pumpkorn, Pure De-Lite, Steel's Gourmet, and ZonePerfect. Their shipping is always $4.95 anywhere in the contiguous 48 states.


Low Carb Connoisseur is proud to offer Atkins Diet products, as well as all your other favorite low carbohydrate brands, such as Keto (Life Services), CarbSense, Russell Stover's Low Carb Candies and the Pure DeLite Sugar Free Chocolates. This is a full service low carb store.


Health Supplements:
Thyromine is a brand new all natural supplement for ailing thryoids. More than 13 million Americans have hypothyroidism and don't realize it. This condition has many side effects including weight gain with inability to lose weight with diet and exercise, decreased sexual interest and drive, depression and mood swings among other things such as constipation, hair loss, dry skin and heat/cold intolerance. Many doctors fail to diagnose Hypothyroidism because you can still have symptoms even if your TSH falls in the so-called "normal range" with blood tests. If you have been told your thyroid is normal but still feel exhausted and frustrated, try Thyromine. It can be just what your Thyroid needs.



None at this Time

Custom Diet Plans:

eDiets offers online support, customized diet plans and meal guides for the serious dieter. Some of the types of diet plans they offer include:

All the above types of diets are personalized just for you according to your individual needs. If you are not sure what diet to choose, they will do a free diet profile for you and make a recommendation based on your input. If at any time you are not happy with the plan you are on they will even let you switch to a different plan at no charge!

The personalized diets include a daily meal plan, grocery lists, and a custom workout plan. Each plan is tailored to your goals, lifestyle and dietary needs. You can login to your plan online any time of the day or night. There is no humiliating public weigh-in and no tiresome driving back and forth to meetings. Best of all you don't have to buy any specialty foods (unless you sign up for eDiets Express!)

eDiets has a team of qualified diet and health experts to counsel and advise you on all your weight loss questions and problems. You can reach someone for support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Not only are there one-on-one chat sessions with counselors and a peer support message board but there is also a toll-free Hotline number you can call as well! 


Bistro M.D. created by Dr. Caroline J Cederquist is an innovative diet program which features a four week rotating menu plan with over 100 unique meal selections. This program has assembled a team of world class chefs to prepare the meals and snacks for you following Dr. Cederquist's strict nutritional guidelines. These prepared meals are shipped to you at home or work every week. The three components which help make Bistro MD a successful and healthy diet plan include: Pre-Cooked Delivered Meals, Weekly Information Packages and Consultations with a team of dieticians. Now before you rush off thinking this would be too expensive for you, stop and consider how much you spend each week for groceries. If you spend over a $100 a week on groceries or dining out for dinner or lunch then you can actually SAVE money with this plan. The Healthy Eating Plan is only $99.95 per week.


MyFoodDiary is an advanced, yet easy-to-use, system for weight maintenance and good health.  They offer several tools and reports that help guide members to healthy eating and exercise habits that will last a lifetime. The tools include: 

Food Diary: A online diet journal which connects members to a database of thousands of food items (including menu items from many popular restaurants). Members simply search the database and add the foods they have eaten to their food diary.  This information is analyzed for the nutritional content of the food eaten. The diary tracks carbohydrates, fats, saturated fats, alcohol, and proteins as well as calories. Since it tracks carbohydrates, this system is a great tool for those on the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet, or Sugar Busters. Exercise Log: A sophisticated log enables members to keep track of the calories burned through physical activity.  All you have to do is point and click. Charts & Reports: The true power of this system lies in the motivational charts and reports. Each report or chart is customized to the individual needs of each member.  Members can view their progress over time, receive personal tips, and even see what they would weigh in 3 months if every day were like today. The charts and reports are motivating, informative, interesting.


The GHF Customized Diet Plan is both personal and effective – for everyone. The Zone, Atkins, Sugar Busters, and almost all other diet programs have helped some people but only those who responded well to their specific recommendations, often less than one in ten. The reason is simple: these diets aren't personalized, they're not flexible, and they can't easily be modified specifically for your personal preferences, how you feel each day, the results you are or are not achieving, etc. And what if you have questions? Can you e-mail or chat live with the author of the program? Of course not. The GHF Customized Diet Plan, on the other hand, is customized specifically to you. It will work for everyone simply because they teach each member how to make it fit successfully into their lifestyle, their goals, and their personal preferences and budget. And they teach you very effective techniques not taught anywhere else including carb cycling and calorie tapering. Just as importantly, any time you have a question or special request, you have access to highly experienced experts who are committed to your success.


The Personal Diet ePlan will deliver to you your own POWERFUL diet plan that will help you to lose two plus pounds each week. This plan provides complete descriptions of meals that are easy to prepare plus you'll get FREE online support from a professional staff. They will  also give you popular fast food options for lunch, so you'll always have dozens of easy and tasty alternatives for your diet! You will get a diet plan for each day of the week. Most meals are "off the shelf" and can be prepared quickly in your own kitchen. You eat lots of complete and satisfying meals prepared in minutes, and with the amounts that you’ll eat, you’ll never be tempted by unhealthy late night snacking! They will show you five steps that will guarantee your weight loss success. Your individualized plan will encourage and motivate you through the weight loss process, and you'll never have to worry about lack of will power or motivation to lose weight with the Diet Forum system! is a global weight management company dedicated to helping people lose weight through lifestyle changes and community support. It is based on Dr. Kushner's Personality Type Diet which pinpoints 21 personality patterns that are key to lasting weight-loss. They then customize the diet program to match your unique characteristics so they can change your lifestyle naturally, gradually, and without struggling. You take an in-depth quiz with 70 carefully tested questions to identify your eating, exercise and coping patterns. Included along with the personalized profiles are extended personalized strategies, immediate action plans, personalized meal plans (including recipes and meal descriptions), Fitness plans, and Coping strategies for personal development and exercises for handling emotional situations that may lead to overeating.'s support network goes beyond bulletin boards or chatrooms by encouraging users to invite family and friends to become cheerleaders of their efforts. Members can also find online buddies with similar personality/diet patterns (i.e., with similar challenges) to become online support buddies so that they can share their challenges and form a strong community of support. They also facilitate users to search for other local dieters to form local support groups to meet offline in face to face settings.



Zone Diet Recipes from FormulaZone - Lose weight and feel great at FormulaZone! With hundreds of Zone Diet Recipes, Menu Planners, a Discussion Forum, Recipe Tools, and other excellent resources to help you stay in the Zone!

SugarBane's 100 Low Carb Recipes and Two Week Meal Plan - Simple induction level everyday recipes with a two week meal plan. These are collected from news groups and mailing lists. Some contain nutritional data like carb counts etc.. some do not. You download these from our website and print them yourself. They are $7.00.


Diet Software:

CarbTrack is the world's smartest "Low Carb Diet Maintenance System". Guaranteed to put your Low Carb Diet on Auto-Pilot. Search and add a meal from a powerful, editable Database of over 3,000 foods with USDA Nutritional Values. Add a meal to your calendar and all nutrients are automatically calculated, with emphasis on the carb counts. Input your body measurements as often as you wish and track them with graphs as you progress. One click access to your daily carbs, calories eaten and burned adding to the flexibility of your favorite Low Carb Diet. Tallies calories burned for many exercises and weight training routines. Add exercise routines, track your progress as you lose weight and gain more strength.

Plan your meals ahead of time with no guess work involved. Spot weight loss trends and duplicate it for continued success. Informative graphs to see where you make progress and where you need improvement. Enter your daily body measurements and track your progress with informative charts. Track your BMI, (Body Mass Index) as you progress to a new healthier you. Unlimited profiles, allows you and your entire family to put CarbTrack to the ultimate test, even allowing each person to track different nutrients if you choose.


Weight By Date for Windows gives you the flexibility you need to track your specific nutritional needs and your personal fitness routine.  Count Calories, Carbs, Net Carbs, and much more. Staying motivated has never been easier.  The progress charts, goal projections, daily targets, and personal rewards will give you plenty of ways to have fun and stay committed. Weight-By-Date Pro is the big boost that your willpower needs!


Carb Counter makes counting carbs a snap. No more journals or log keeping with a pen, paper, and books. You always know at a glance how many carbohydrates, fiber and calories you have eaten at any time of the day. The daily totals (for the last 30 days) are stored into memory and are available at the touch of a button. It also contains 400 open locations to store your favorite low carb foods including new entrees from your favorite restaurants and has over 2300 Food items (and restaurants) pre-programmed in memory. It tracks all the following: carbohydrates, calories, fiber, net carbs, BMI (Body Mass Index). This counter is lightweight and small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. It measures 4-1/2 inches tall by 3 inches wide by 1/2 inch thick and it's can also be used as a normal calculator!



None at this Time


Weight Loss Buddy creates and provides a 24-hour online community center that caters to the needs of those wanting to lose weight and get in shape. Their goal is to remove the overwhelming feelings of loneliness that dieting can produce, while replacing them with encouragement and self-esteem builders. They will pair you up with a Weight Loss Buddy and offer a no-fail support system. They are always there for you, always. That's their pledge and their promise.



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