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My Pre-Pregnancy Weight Loss Journal
June 10th 1999- June 24th 2001

tiny scale Weight Lost =  69 lbs 

March 6, 2001 - June 24, 2001 - tiny scale 155 This loss is actually more important than it looks. You see, around the beginning of March I started gaining weight, my hair began falling out and I began getting extremely fatigued.  I was alarmed and went to see my doctor. She tested me and told me my thyroid had slowed and I needed my medication increased.  After increasing my Synthroid dose I began studying thyroid disease to make sure I was getting the best possible treatment.  What I learned has changed my world forever.  After 4 months of study and interviews with more than a few doctors I have finally gotten off of Synthroid and onto Armour Natural Thyroid instead. The first week on Armour  was like someone turning on a light in my head. It's been so long since I was "normal" that I never realized I wasn't.  Armour has changed that. It's made me remember what it felt like before my thyroid got sick.  By the end of my first month on this natural glandular I not only lost the 3 pounds I had gained since March but I also lost an additional 2 pounds!  It will be many months before my dosage will be just right but I am on the way now.  If you have never fully investigated the thyroid, I URGENTLY encourage you to read up on it. What you learn may just turn your life around like it did mine.

I blindly accepted the current thyroid treatment I was prescribed in 1995 assuming in my naivety that my doctor knew what was best for me and had my best interests in mind. It makes me angry now thinking of how many years I wasted on an ineffective treatment believing it was the best I could do. The facts are that most doctors aren't trained well in thyroid disorders and Knoll Pharmaceuticals monopolized the market by convincing doctors that Synthroid was the best and only medication for hypothyroidism when many people didn't feel all that much better on it despite normal lab results.   It's currently suspected that more than 13 million people suffer from undiagnosed subclinical hypothyroidism and that many more currently being treated with synthetic T4-only hormone are really not enjoying a healthy metabolism because they are not able to convert the T4 to it's active form effectively.  Check out Mary Shomon's Thyroid Disease Forum if you have the time.

January 6, 2001 - March 6, 2001 - tiny scale 157 I actually got down to 155 at the end of January but gained a few pounds on vacation. I am still losing slowly and looking forward to wearing a swimsuit this summer! My body fat is still going down according to my Tanita scale so I am very happy, it's reading 35 percent most mornings now, and about 28 percent in the evenings. I just celebrated my 36th birthday with low carb ice-cream and sugar free chocolate. Have to be good with the low carb treats though, it's easy to get carried away with those!

November 7, 2000 - January 6, 2001 - tiny scale 158 Made it through the holidays totally low carb and am starting off the new millennium 2 pounds lighter. My goal this year is to continue losing weight and I hope to reach 145 by Christmas 2001. 

August 7, 2000 - November 7, 2000 - tiny scale 160  Still continuing my downward trend. Just about a pound every 3 o 4 months. Discovered yesterday that my winter coats are way too big now.

May 1, 2000 - August 7, 2000 - tiny scale 161  My weight loss slowed when I started the Birth Control Pill at the beginning of May. I haven't gained any weight but my body fat percentage has dropped 2% since May. Also my pants/dress size has decreased from a size 28 to a size 12. I suspect that I have been building some muscle while gaining water due to the Pill. My weight has since been fluctuating up and down by as much as 4 pounds each month. However, my lowest weight each month has been getting lower by about a pound a month. Slow but moving!

Below is a chart of my weight loss over the first 2 years I ate low carb. This chart demonstrates the slow but steady loss and shows where I hit plateaus and how long they lasted. Everyone loses at a different pace so don't panic if this chart isn't similar to your own.

06/10/99 224 09/06/99 196 12/06/99 181 03/06/00 172
06/14/99 221 09/13/99 194 12/13/99 180 03/13/00 171
06/21/99 216 09/20/99 192 12/20/99 179 03/20/00 169
06/28/99 211 09/27/99 190 12/27/99 178 03/27/00 168
07/04/99 208 10/04/99 189 01/03/00 177 04/03/00 167
07/12/99 206 10/11/99 189 01/10/00 176 04/10/00 166
07/19/99 204 10/18/99 189 01/17/00 175 04/17/00 165
07/26/99 202 10/25/99 188 01/24/00 175 04/24/00 163
08/02/99 200 11/01/99 188 01/31/00 174 05/01/00 163
08/09/99 199 11/08/99 187 02/07/00 174 05/08/00 163
08/16/99 198 11/15/99 184 02/14/00 174 05/15/00 162
08/23/99 198 11/22/99 183 02/21/00 174 05/22/00 162
08/30/99 197 11/29/99 182 02/28/00 173 05/29/00 162

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