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I hear so often from people that they get bored eating the same things over and over and don't really understand how to apply low carb to cooking in general.  In order to help people create delicious low carb meals I have collected some nice simple but interesting Low Carb Recipes. 

Beef and Cabbage


½ Pound Bacon
1 Pound 95% Lean Ground Beef
½ Medium Onion – diced
½ Medium Green Pepper – Diced
3 Cups Cabbage – Shredded
1 Can Rotel Diced Tomatoes
¾ Rotel Can of Water
2 Tsp Garlic Salt
2 Tsp Caraway Seed
1 Tsp Oregano
2 Tbls Worcestershire Sauce
2 Cups Shredded Cheese – (I use Mexican Blend)


Slice bacon crosswise into ½” strips. Fry in large skillet until crisp. Remove to mixing bowl with slotted spoon. Add beef, onion & green pepper to bacon grease and sauté until beef is browned. Drain well and return bacon to skillet along with all remaining ingredients except cheese. Stir well, bring liquid to boil then simmer uncovered for 20 minutes stirring occasionally. Scatter cheese on top, cover, turn off and let cheese melt about five minutes

Serves 6 at about 6.5 net carbs each.

Nutrition Info (per serving)

Protein: 32g
Total Carbs: 9g
Fiber: 2g
Total Fat: 8g
Sat Fat: 4g
Calories: 362


Beef N Bacon Enchiladas


½ Pound Bacon (0)
1 Pound Lean Ground Beef (0)
½ Medium Onion – diced (5)
1 4 oz Can Diced Green Chili’s (net 0)
½ Package Taco Seasoning (3)
1 TSP Fennel Seed (0)
½ Cup Sour Cream (4)
½ Cup Salsa (8)
10 Low Carb Mama Lupe's Tortillas (net 30)
½ 8 oz Can Tomato Sauce (5)
2 Cups Shredded Cheese – Divided (Mexican blend) (8)


Heat oven to 375 degrees. Spray sheet cake pan with Pam.

Slice bacon crosswise into ½” strips. Fry in skillet until crisp. Remove to mixing bowl with slotted spoon reserving drippings. Add ground beef and onion to bacon grease and cook until all pink is gone from beef. Drain well and place in bowl with bacon. Add chilis, taco seasoning, fennel seed, sour cream, salsa and 1 cup cheese. Mix well and spread mixture on tortillas dividing between 10. Roll up and place side by side seam side down in cake pan. Top with tomato sauce (spread thinly with knife to cover the top of all tortillas). Spread remaining cup of cheese over tortillas. Bake 20 minutes at 375 degrees.

About 6.5 net carbs each.


Pizza Meatloaf


2 lbs. ground beef
1 1/2 cups spicy pork rinds (finely crushed)
2 eggs
1 small green pepper, chopped (optional)
1/4 cup water
1 cup Bella Vita Low Carb Pasta Sauce
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. In a large bowl combine all ingredients except 1/2 cup Sauce and 1/2 cup cheese.

In a 9x13 baking dish, shape into loaf. Top with remaining Sauce.

Bake uncovered for 1 hour. Sprinkle top with remaining 1/2 cup cheese. Bake an additional 10 minutes. Let it stand for 10 minutes before serving.


Zucchini Skillet Lasagna


1 pound ground beef (0)
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 cup yellow onion, diced (5.9)
1 cup cottage cheese, creamed (4/.6)/3.4
1 large egg (.6)
1 tablespoon dried parsley(.2)
1 tablespoon parmesan/romano cheese (0)
1 tablespoon Italian seasoning (0)
1 pound zucchini slices (12.53/5.18/7.35)
8 ounces Bella Vita Low Carb Pasta Sauce (
16 ounces shredded mozzarella cheese (8)

Per Serving (excluding unknown items): 

314 Calories; 21g Fat (59.9% calories from fat); 24g Protein; 7g Carbohydrate; 2g Dietary Fiber; 105mg Cholesterol; 716mg Sodium. 



Mix cottage cheese, egg, dried parsley flakes, 1 tablespoon dry Parmesean/Romano cheese mixture

Slice 1 pound zucchini in 1/8" slices.

In large skillet cook ground beef and onion till all pink in meat is gone and onion is clear. Add 1 clove minced garlic, stir in Hunt's tomato sauce. Heat through.

Place zucchini slices over ground meat mixture. Cover zucchini slices with cottage cheese mixture.

Cover and cook on medium heat till zucchini is fork tender and most of liquid is cooked off. About 45 minutes. It may be necessary to cook for a while without lid.

Turn off heat and cover with shredded mozzarella cheese. Cover a few minutes till cheese is melted.

Cheese Quiche


6 eggs
1 cup any kind of grated cheese
1 cup mushrooms chopped fine
1 cup spinach raw, chopped fine

Nutrition Info (per serving)

Protein: 17g
Total Carbs: 2g
Fiber: 1g
Total Fat: 18g
Sat Fat: 9g
Calories: 240



Preheat oven at 350 degrees. Butter the quiche pan or meatloaf pan. Scramble 6 eggs in a bowl. Mix mushrooms, spinach and cheese together in another bowl (the dry mix). Pour the drymix into the eggs and stir lightly. Pour the egg & drymix mixture into a quiche pan or a standard meatloaf pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Check, when top is slightly brown it's done. Take out of oven, let cool. It will shrink down a bit/that's normal. Refrigerate

4 servings

Black Soy Bean Chili


1 lb. ground venison (or other ground meat)
2 cans Eden Black Soy Beans
2 cans diced tomatoes
1/2 med. red onion chopped
1/2 lg. green pepper chopped
1 can diced red peppers
3 cloves of garlic minced
3 Tbsp. chilie powder
1 tsp. cumin
2 Tbsp. lea & perrins



Brown the ground meat with 1 Tbsp. chili powder, all of the cumin and 2 Tbsp. of lea & perrins, put in crockpot. Add the black beans, tomatoes, onion, red & green peppers, garlic and remaining chilie powder (you can adjust to your liking more or less). Give it a good stir and cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4-5 hours. 

5-qt. crockpot yields 8 generous servings at 50.2 carbs for whole pot = 6.3 carbs per serving

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