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100 Low Carb Recipes + 2 Week Low Carb Meal Plan - $7.00

I've taken considerable time collecting these low carb recipes and making up this 2 week low carb meal plan.  I hope it will serve as an example for those who would like to create their own meal plans.  The recipes are designed to add variety to your low carb diet and help keep you from getting bored.  They are for everyday use and are not hard to make.  Many of them include carb counts per serving but some do not.  However almost all the recipes include exact amounts so it is quite easy to calculate your own carb count using any good Carb Counter Book such as Corinne T. Netzer's Complete Book of Carb Counts.  

Both Recipes and Meal Plan are available in either electronic Microsoft Word Document Format (.doc) or in electronic Text-Only Format (.txt).  

If you don't specify one or the other formats, I'll send the MS-WORD format.

Below is just one of the many letters I have received from satisfied low-carbers who have used my recipes:

"I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the meals we are preparing from your recipes.  My wife and I just began the low carb plan about 2 weeks ago and we are having some success.  The recipes we got from you have been a pleasant surprise.  Not only are they for low carb dishes, but they are easy to prepare and they taste great!  We have tried about a dozen so far and have not had one we wouldn't make again. Thank you again for sharing your experience with us." 
- Larry

Low Carb Recipes For Sale - $7.00 In order to support my website and keep it online I am requesting a $7.00 for the Low Carb Recipe Collection which includes 100 Low Carb Recipes and a 2 Week Meal Plan.  

Click the PayPal button below to pay through PayPal using your credit card or checking account. PayPal is a secure and worldwide accepted means of electronic payment. For more information on PayPal go to


When you complete your donation, PayPal will notify me via E-Mail and when I get the mail (usually within 12-24 hours) I will immediately send you a link in e-mail where you can download your Recipes and Meal Plan. The turn around time on this can be as much as 24 hours but it is generally less. Please check your bulk/junk mail folders to be certain this was not filtered.  If you haven't gotten your e-mail within 24 hours please let me know.

In addition to my own recipes there is also a very good eBook available which may appeal to you. 

Variety Plus Low Carb Cookbook

The "300 Low Carb Recipes" eBook is full of great tasting, easy to prepare, healthy low carb recipes. Maybe you already love the quick results of low carb dieting and are looking for some new great tasting low carb recipes to try. Variety is the Key to Staying Motivated!

Have you tried every diet under the sun? Do you dread going shopping and having to continually buy larger clothes? Do you feel tired and lack energy all the time? What you really need is healthy weight loss and a fast and easy way to get it! Right?

This Cookbook is a comprehensive collection of low-carb recipes. You virtually melt away the fat while you eat! Here are just a few of the scrumptious low carb recipes you will find in this cookbook.

  • Garlic Cheese Faux-Cacia
  • Protein Bread
  • Cinnamon Ice Cream
  • Low-Carb Maple Syrup
  • Ultimate Deviled Eggs with Crabmeat
  • Asian Crockpot Steak
  • Spinach & Ham Crepes
  • Succulent Cream Chicken
  • New York Style Cheesecake with Nut Crust
  • Chocolate Chunk Cookies

There is no risk to you with a 90 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Order the 300 Low Carb Recipes eBook today and if after trying the low carb recipes you are not satisfied that they have assisted you in your low carb way of eating, your payment will be promptly refunded.


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