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 Cancer group tries to link fat, cancer in public mind (CNN)
 Better than a teaspoon of sugar (MSNBC)
 Cancer Concern At Breakfast Table (CBS News)
 Healthy Living: How to build stronger bones (MSNBC)
 Changes in women's cardiovascular activity from emotion affect fetuses (ABC News)
 Lawyers revise obesity lawsuit against McDonald's (CNN)
 Studies suggest fats that protect heart do the same for brain (CNN)
 2 reasons why blood blisters on ends of toes is related to diabetes (Daily News)
 Vitamin B1 used to treat nerve problems prevents diabetes-related eye disease (CNN)
 Pediatric Diabetes Center & how children deal with diabetes (Daily News)
 Workouts for Moms-To-Be (CBS News)
 More studies show Dr. Atkins was right (CBS News)
 Drug Stops Diabetes Related Disease (ABC News)
 Do you have any factors that can put you at a risk for develop diabetes? (Yahoo)
 Low Carbohydrate Dieting:  Exposing the Myths and Realities (Healthology)
 Panel of "experts" discuss the good/bad of Low Carb (Healthology)
 A Dose of Practical Advice to Help Control Diabetes (NY Times)
 Obesity as a teen can effect hip replacement in women (WebMD)
 One ingredient  found in protein-rich animal foods key to losing fat (WebMD)
 Research finds that dark chocolate is actually good for your heart (MSN)
 A Dose of Practical Advice to Help Control Diabetes (NY Times)
 High blood sugar so common among the overweight is linked to memory loss (KTLA)
 Companies fight employee fat (MSNBC)
 Where's the Beef (In the Teenage Diet)? (Time)
 Find out how to fight obesity in children (MSNBC)
 Jennifer Aniston counts on the high protein, low carb diet to lose extra weight (CNN)
 How do you know if you child is obese? What you can do about it? (WebMD)
Federal judge rule
s you can't blame fast-food industry for food (KTLA)
Dr. Walter Willett has a new food pyramid plan for the government (KCLA9)

 Sizing up supplements (MSNBC)
 Dealing with Diabetes (CBS News)
 The obesity epidemic among American kids (ABC News)
 Those overweight at 40 more likely to die 3 years earlier than slim folks (NY Times) 
 Is aspartame, the artificial sweetener, bad for you? (BBC)
 Exercise can reduce dangerous hidden pounds? (ABC News)
 Can you be both fit and fat? (MSNBC)
 What Is Your Calcium Intake? (CBS News)
 Exercise Reduces Dangerous Intra-Abdominal Fat (ABC News)
 New gadget makes monitoring blood sugar easier for diabetics (KCAL9)
 USDA Food Pyramid increases obesity, diabetes, heart disease (MSNBC)
 Fiber doesn’t always work for people with certain bowel problems (Healthology)
 Walking 2,000 steps daily can help stop piling weight (DET News)
 New Year's Diet Resolutions: Beating the Odds  (PCRM)
 The number one New Year's Resolution is low carb (IronMag)
 Obesity in children and teenagers keep on the rise (ABC News)
 Will suing fast food restaurants solve the problem of obesity? (CNN)
 One beer a day can keep the heart attacks at bay (DET News)
 Obesity rate climbed to 20.9% and diagnosed diabetes rose to 7.9 % (Wash. Post)
 Help for Holiday Hangovers!!! (MSNBC)
 OTC test for diabetics to monitor blood sugar approved by FDA (CNN)
 Protein - rich foods can be the key to prevent temporary hair loss (ABC News)
 FDA crack down on companies making fraudulent claims (ABC News)
 Eating patterns help predict chances of becoming overweight (MSNBC)
 Statistics state 25% of CA children overweight & 40% not physically fit (KTLA)
 View top fiber foods and know why they are good for you (ABC News)
 Weight gain comes after holidays, when people do not drop that one pound (WebMD)
 "The Skinny Pill for Kids" contain ingredients not yet tested on children (CBS News)
 FDA Finds Cancer Causing Foods (ABC News)
 Beware of Holiday Grazing (CNN)
 Can a particular nutrient prevent cancer? (KTLA)
 Scientists explains why eating less may lead to a longer life (NY Times)
 Diets rich in a particular nutrient prevent cancerous tumors (CNN)
 5 million Americans suffer from severe body image disorder (ABC News)
 Eating nuts reduces development of adult-onset type 2 diabetes (Wash. Post)
 NY Children file lawsuit against McDonald's (KCAL9)
 New vaccine found to be 100% effective for cervical cancer (ABC News)
 Increased risk of breast cancer in women who take hormones and drink (CBS News)
 Low Carb takes off more weight than Low Fat and even better for cholesterol (MSNBC)
 Daily units of soy nuts might lower blood pressure and reduce hotflashes (CNN)
 Cooking food at low temps lowers risk of heart disease for diabetics (Wash. Post)
 Protein may predict cancer survival (MSNBC)
 Kitchen Tips For Diabetics (CBS News)
 New research uncovers link between weight loss & blood pressure (ClickonDetroit)
 What is low carb dieting and does it really work? (Healthology)
 Type 2 Diabetes cured by lower carbs as well as other elements (Healthology)
 The low carb diet is deemed safe over the short term (Reuters)
 The scoop on the new low carb beer craze (AccessAtlanta)
 Michelob's new Ultra brew is targeted at carbophobes (Fortune)
  The rebuilding of the food pyramid to reduce carbs... (Scientific American)
 Vindication for the Atkins diet? (CNN)
 Sight aid for diabetics in Scotland (BBC)
 Walk Away From Diabetes Risks (MSN)

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