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Experts ping-pong on protein advice (NBC NEWS)
Our story started a food fight (NBC NEWS)
Wild about blueberries (CBS NEWS)
Protein could be key to Osteoporosis (ABC NEWS)
Obesity: Whose fault is it? (STLtoday)
Born to be cutting
AMC theaters carries Russell Stover's sugar-free Pecan Delights (
How to count carbohydrates in your diet (MSN)
Atkins Diet Heart-Healthy After All?
Fighting cancer by fighting fat (NBC News)
Favorite Low Carb Recipes (KATC)
Gourmet to go (Vancouver Sun)
Obesity on Rise in New York Public Schools (New York Times)
Low-carbers can have beer and nachos, too (Knox News)
$5 lunch: Low-carb specials distinguish O'Grady's  (The Capital Times)
Sour on Dough (CTNow)
How to host a party among dieters (Oakland Tribune)
Do low-fat foods really help?  (NBC News)
Table Set For Fast Food Fight (CBS News)
Five Unhealthy Practices You Can Live With (ABC News)
Kraft Launches Initiative to Fight Obesity (ABC News)
When Sugar Kills! (ABC News)
Lose up to a stone in 4 weeks! (Mirror U.K.)
Cracking The Fat Riddle (Time Europe)
Barbecue eases challenge of serving low-carb dishes (Oregon Live)
More news on Russell Stover!  (CJ-online)
Russell Stover offers line of low-carb candies. (The Wichita Eagle)
Atkins Diet Taking Hold! (Keys News)
Was Atkins Right? Recent Studies Boost Diet Plan, But Debate Goes on. (iVillage)
5 Views on Nutrition! (CNN)
Lose Weight with Water! (iVillage)
Shocking Diabetes Prediction! (CBS News)
The Skinny on Carbs (About)
Super-Sized Nation (ABC News)
Potatoes tied to diabetes (Health 24)
Study backs statin drugs for diabetics (NBC News)
CDC: 1 in 3 kids may get diabetes (CNN)
Light drinking may cut diabetes risk in women, too (CNN)
Study concludes Low Carb diet works better than Low Fat diet. (Health and Age)
Now you can eat out and still stick on the Low Carb diet. (KFMB-TV)
Studies show benefits of Atkins diet (Kansas
Protein Diets Trump Low-Fat (KSL-TV)
Moms pregnant with boys eat more (CBS News)
Salads From Fast-Food Restaurants May Not Be a Healthy Choice (ABC News)
Tips to Help Emotional Eaters End Bad Habits and Lose Weight (ABC News)
Study sees heart benefits in controversial Atkins diet (Centre Daily)
Cooking the low-carb way (The Citizens' Voice)
Study backs low carb diets (The Herald Sun)
Dining out and losing weight (CBS News)
Battle of the widening bulge (CBS News)
Why teens are getting fatter (CBS News)
Food Pyramid changes on the way! (CBS News)
Diet And Exercise Prevent Diabetes (CBS News)
Americans Still Shun Exercise (CBS News)
It's A Fat, Fat, Fat World (CBS News)
Diabetic B.C. woman insulin-free after successful cell transplant (
Low-carb studies buoy Atkins theory (AJC)
Busting Health and Fitness Myths (MSNBC)
Studies Vindicate Atkins Diet!  (NBC News)
Eat Fish, Beat Post-Partum Blues (CBS News)
Low Carb Vs. Low Fat Diets (CBS News)
Analyzing the Atkins Diet (ABC News)
Find out how many calories you burn based on activity (Yahoo! Health)
The Benefits of Flaxseed! (MSN Health) 
Fortified peanut butter may help fight childhood blindness (CNN)
U.S. Lowers Blood Pressure Guidelines (ABC News)
More Children Are Obese, and More Americans Know It! (NY Times)
Diabetes: A Growing Public Health Problem (Medhelp)
When Calories Are On The Curriculum (CBS News)
Can Exercise Lower Your Blood Cholesterol? (Yahoo Health)
Transplant cure for diabetes (C.Health)
Free interactive weight loss tools! (Yahoo Health)
Healthy Women Quiz; Women and heart disease (ABC)
Junk food reps meet with the WHO (CBS)
Warning over vitamin doses! (BBC)
Variations is genes may put people in risk of developing diabetes (BBC)
1 in 5 Australians are obese in the land of surfing (BBC)
Obese women double the risks of birth defects & heart abnormalities (MSNBC)
Why Overweight Women Face Breast-feeding Problems (Yahoo! Health)
Our Top Five Unfounded Fears, Our Top Five Real Risks (ABC News)
Vitamins and minerals: How much do you need? (CNN)
Obese children rate their quality of life (CNN)
Obesity Strongly Linked to Cancer Death (WebMD Health)
What is gestational diabetes?  (Yahoo Health)
Is there a magic weight loss carb? (MSN)
Good carbs vs. bad carbs (MSN)
Diabetes plagues California's Hispanics (CNN)
Coffee may lower diabetes risk (NBC News)
Atkins was right after all! (CBS News)
Making weight resolutions stick (ABC News)
Conflicting advice confuses dieters (CBS News
World Health Organization defends report on sugar consumption (ABC News)

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